een drone gemaakt van doek, makkelijk opbergbaar en licht


The 4-pound SkySeer has a top speed of 24 mph and a minimum speed of 16 mph. It can stay aloft for up to 70 minutes on its rechargeable lithium polymer battery that powers the propeller’s electric motor, onboard camera, control surfaces, transmitter/receiver and GPS-based autonomous flight control system. Landing the SkySeer and swapping in a fresh battery can extend flight times. Its range of 2 miles, determined by the transmission range, can be extended by using Octatron’s NetWeaver™ wireless network. 

The SkySeer carries a video surveillance camera that transmits images in real time. It flies autonomously on a flight path programmed in before launch and using GPS waypoints. For example, it could be programmed to fly to the target, circle it a couple of times while taking pictures and then return. However, the camera, which can pan 160-degrees and tilt 90 degrees, is controlled in real time by a joystick on the ground station. It can also be flown manually with an optional remote control. Various video cameras—color, high-resolution B/W, or thermal camera for nighttime work—can be fitted. Images are transmitted in real time for viewing and recording on DVD or Flash Media.

This SkySeer’s exoskeleton is made of foldable graphite composite poles and a parachute cloth skin. The durable and flexible frame allows for a soft landing. It can also be caught in midair or recovered via a parachute that the company plans to offer. The plane’s propeller shuts off before landing for safety. The SkySeer has a wingspan of 6.5-feet and folds so it can be stored in a tubular carrying case so it can be transported in the trunk of a police car or even in a backpack for carrying into remote areas.